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Kapakross 2015 / Muddy off road endurance race @ Kohila

If EMV motocross  season is over , it does not mean that bikes will stored in warehouse and wait next summer. Bunch of racers will come together @ Kapakross 2015 Kohila Männimäe cross track and have great race day. Weather was nice ,  warm autumn  day but track was muddy because last day we had rainy day.   In adult class, day started with sidecar cross. In sidecar event finished  9th place Tõnu Suurkuusk and Diana Pruks. 8th place finished Cynthia Calista […]


Aurora photo hunt

From time to time if i remember I check aurora charts and FB Aurora group if something is happening in northern sky. And yesterday I was lucky at 20:00 charts showed that Aurora warning G1 and at 21:00 will be G2 but time when I checked that it was 20:15 :D. Then I took my photo gear and raced to Leppneeme harbor at Viimsi. My first test photo After first photo I realized today will be great night but very […]

Farmes protest front of Estonian coverment @ Toompea

Monday 14.09 Lääne Elu head editor called me he wants cover photo next day newspaper. I asked can I go little bit later then I can prepare myself and speaking with him I understand I do not have extra time I need be there yet. I took my car went home and to pick up my camera. After 15 min in rush hour I was there and what I saw impressive. There was so hundreds of farmers and tractors. Farmers […]